Visits at Myskoxarna and Fjällmuseet

Price 1250: – incl. Travel for guided tours and entry to Myskoxar, lunch and guided tours at Fjällmusumet included. Min 4 pers.

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We go up over the day and get a guided tour with one of the oldest species of animals that remain, namely the Mycoxes.
We get a teaching guide about these animals and see and learn about its history. Guidance approx. 1.5 hours.
After that we go to Funäsdalen and have a good lunch before we visit the Fjällmuseum and get a very instructive guide about the mountains and its people and history.
Härjedalen Mountain Museum is a museum in Funäsdalen in Härjedalen. It was opened in 1999. Adjacent to the museum is the Fornminnesparken, which is open all year round, and is Sweden’s oldest building museum from 1894. Härjedalen’s memorial association has been the active organization for the creation of the museum and the park. Wikipedia
Entrance and travel as well as lunch are included in this.