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Fishing with a seine
A guided tour where you will learn how one fished a long time ago
May preferably be combined with grilling fish, boat-trips etc.

Guided fishing tour
In excellent fishing grounds under an experienced guide´s supervision you can fish with a rod, with a fly or troll (drive with a spinner). You can catch salmon trout, char, whitefish, pike or perch.

Take the battle with the big pike or the trout. Our knowledgeable guides will take you to an amazing beautiful and meorable trip to the mountains as a backdrop for these fish-rich waters.
The magic element price includes guide, boat,refreshment,equipment and fishing license.
Lunch can be arranged if you wish over the fire on the beach.

Fly fishing course – beginners
You will learn the basics of fly fishing. 3 hours of instruction and practice. Equipment rental. Time: 2,5 hours

Fly tying course
Learn how to tie your own flies for fishing. Time: 2 hours

Fly fishing day course

You will learn nearly everything about fly fishing. The course includes knowledge of the insects, fly tying and guided fishing. Eqipment rantal. Time: 5 hours
Min 2 persons.

Guided fly fishing
This is the tour for those wanting to catch the grayling in Ljungan or some tarn.

Rent your own tarn
Rent your own tarn. We pstock salmon trout, char or other fish according to agreement and you catch as much as you wish during one day. Perfect for companies that wish to combine outdoor activities with comunity for a day. We can also arrange for food.