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  • Wild-life safari

  • Boat/Boatengine/Canoe/Kayak

  • Fishing

  • Canoe-boat

  • An amazing walk in the National Park Sonfjället where you will see the views and sights in the National Park. We see remains after the ice age and its fauna as well as see the world’s oldest tree Old Rasmus as well as Björniden and other remains of the Bear in their kingdom. We also have local delicacies that we will taste during the walk in the park, which takes about 5 hours. Local delicacies from our talented producers are included. Bread, Sausage, Cheese, Beer, etc. Price from 1060: – / pers incl. VAT.

  • Bear safari

  • Wild-life safari (Kopia)

  • Gocart

  • Bowling

  • Visits at Myskoxarna and Fjällmuseet

  • Fishing Trolling

  • Horseback riding Iceland horses