The rental rates include life jacket in canoe (2 st / canoe) and kayak but not in boat hire. Canoes are usually found in Vemdalen, where you paddle for Veman and always charge a fee depending on how far you want to paddle. It is possible to paddle from 1/2 day to 5 days in Veman. Canoeing / Kayaking / Boating with or without motor is also available in Klövsjön, and here you will not normally be charged for collection as you return to the same location. You can buy fish cards / fake bins with local products and more. You can also rent tents / sleeping bags / fishing equipment / trangiakök etc. Ev transport costs may be incurred upon expiry / retrieval of the items. Request a quote. You can also rent a trailer from us and transport the items themselves.

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Rent by us Boat with or whitout engine, Canoes,Kayaks